Commonwealth is more than bricks and mortar, its people and that fact is strongly reflected in our Mission Statement. Our Mission Statement simply means our priorities here at Commonwealth are to provide Superior Guest Service, maintain a professional environment for our Associates and manage our business with fiscal responsibility.

At Commonwealth we put our priorities on people, from our guests to our associates, to our owners. All of our Goals and measures of success fall under one umbrella.

In every property, with every aspect of their stay, guests should expect to receive 100% satisfaction from each and every Commonwealth representative. Associates strive to develop a special relationship with our guests. Friendship and Hospitality that makes the guest feel welcome and at home. It is this added “Personal Touch” that will ultimately bring the guest back to our hotels.

While obviously our guest is one of our highest priorities, they are not the only factor in our success. Our associates are also a very high priority. Our philosophy at Commonwealth is that by taking care of our associates they in turn take care of our guests.

Our associate satisfaction is critical to Commonwealth because if our associates are not satisfied, how can we expect our associates to satisfy our guest. So how do we do this?

Through one of the most comprehensive benefit programs in the industry. Benefits like complete, affordable medical insurance, retirement planning, programs like our associate of the month and associate of the year, which awards trips for two anywhere in the continental United States, along with social activities like our picnics and service awards luncheons, but most importantly, Commonwealth is committed to open communication, orientation, training, bi-annual evaluations, associate opinion surveys and our open door policy.

We believe in matching each position with the most qualified and talented individual available and to maximize their full potential, with opportunities for growth based on ability and performance.

Taking care of our associates’ means more at Commonwealth than benefit programs, it means putting those associates in a positive and professional environment and also empowering them to service our guest.

Commonwealth strongly believes and continually stresses that each and every associate has the power to guarantee guest satisfaction. Empowering associates with the authority to make decisions that take care of the guest right away. No one needs permission to satisfy the guest! At Commonwealth the trust in the associates’ ability to make decisions to satisfy the guest creates a tremendous sense of pride and fulfillment. Knowing an associate can make a difference and are encouraged to make decisions is a great feeling and of course none of this would work without the high degree of teamwork and camaraderie fostered at all of our Commonwealth properties.

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